Facilitating public and private development and redevelopment, assisting employers, and helping local governments reduce the costs of financing.

Public Financing

As we look towards the future, the Atlantic County Improvement Authority recognizes that a terrific opportunity to assist Public Entities, 501 ( C ) 3’s and Private Entity’s in the area of financing. We are extremely interested in identifying opportunities to facilitate public and private development and redevelopment, assist employers, and help local governments reduce the costs of financing. Programs and services we will continue to explore and can make available include: Public and Private Financing, Tax-Exempt and Taxable Bond Financing, Refinancing, Joint Financing (pooling of funds into one bond issue), Lease Purchasing, Redevelopment Financing and Economic Development Financing.

Our recent activities include:

Stockton- Atlantic City
Pooled Loan Program
Cape May Tech Village
Faith Baptist Community Center
St Augustine Forum

Private Financing

As in public financing; the Atlantic County Improvement Authority’s success in financing opportunities extend to private projects as well with public-private partnership agreements to coincide with the development of cooperative relationships with municipalities, counties, business community, or other governing agencies. Our ability to be flexible in funding sources enables expansions of projects which will further advance Economic Development for the betterment of the community and surrounding communities.   

Recent projects include:
Atlantic City Hangar Project
Wildwood Redevelopment Project
Section 108 Loans